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Niva-Centre: Lada Niva Servicing and Repair
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Sergey Medvedev (2004)
foreman of 2d shift

Alexey Makshin (2004)
foreman of 1st shift

Sergey Medvedev (2020)

How it was started
We are small company specializing on maintenance and repair of Lada-Niva  4x4 off-road cars in Moscow, Russia. We began to offer maintenance  and repair for Lada-Niva cars in 2000, trying to present an alternative to wide-profile unofficial car services dominant at the time. In the beginning of 2000-th this model range was not welcomed much in affordable repair shops. Ours grew out from the car sales outlet, that had a division specializing in sales of Lada-Niva cars. Therefore we had a certain experience for servicing and repair of these, in a sense, out of ordinary cars.
We offer
Our workshop performs wide range of repair and servicing works. Scheduled factory required maintenance or emergency repair. All work, that require special “niva's” skills and knowledge, specifically diminishing vibrations.
We fix assembly units: gearbox, reduction drive, final drive and differential units if necessary. Any engine repair. We do body and engineering tuning, perform install tailor-made add-ons and improvements, as differential blocks, electric power steering and other. Re-program engine controllers, actually in most cases to factory defaults). Fix such nuisances as gas smell inside. Coat body parts with gravel- and weatherproof materials. Anything except paint works, but for this there is a reliable partner.
Our staff
There are two teams of trained technicians that intermittently work shifts of two or three days in a row. That allows to fulfill complex repair work, as for example replacement of engine or its throughout repair, completely in course of one of that long shifts. So as a rule work would be completed by the same people that start it, ensuring highest possible quality of repair and minimizing overall time in service.
As we specialize on rather narrow model range, in most cases necessary parts are already in our stock and ready to be installed in your vehicle. Otherwise we arrange order and delivery in shortest possible time. We use mostly factory parts, or best-quality after-market parts. To reduce a paycheck we can use used parts, if that does not affect quality and by client consent.
We charge reasonable price for all spare parts we provide, taking into account logistics and our guarantee. Guarantee covers period from 30 days to 6 months in case of repair of assembly units, i.e. gearbox, reduction drive or complete engine rebuild. If you prefer we can use parts provided by client. In this case responsibility for quality of such parts and possible default rests with you. Replacement of such parts in case of their default is made by your expense, but usually even than we are trying to minimize your loss. Moreover, purchasing parts by yourself implies your knowledge whether they would fit for your model and what is the cause of a problem. You can lose time refunding wrongly purchased parts.
Our location
Nivacentre car servicing and repair shop several times changed its location in south and south-west Moscow district. Its currently located in 5 minutes walk distance from Kaluzhskaya underground station
Several notes
We usually work on the basis of preliminary reservations. You can phone us and arrange it, or send us e-mail. Reservation is made for a specific day, without more detailed timing, as it is rarely possible to predict volume of actual work for all cars in service and time in service cannot be estimated precisely. If the work is not big, we can usually arrange time slot in first or second part of the day so as to do job quickly with the client present.
Many owners of Lada-Niva and Chevrolet-Niva cars in Moscow region are our permanent clients using our services many year. They get help in the range of problems, from minor -please change that electric bulb-to most serious. As approximately 90% of our clients are permanent we are not pricing our work on discount basis, that is they do not get any discount privilege. If they would, it only meant higher price for new customer. We are trying to make price level comfortable for our clients without discount.
We guarantee quality of our work and provided parts. In case of failure of the parts that we install in the course of repair work we replace them free of charge during 30 day period after you live our service. In case of repairs of assembly units or complete engine repair guarantee term is 6 month. Mileage is not to be taken into account.
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